Attention: ecstactic lovers of life.... are you ready for a night of raw passion?

"WARNING: Don't Even Think About A Night of Passion Until You've Read This "

"Are you ready to feel the excitment of lust and romance, to discover how to use your senses to arouse your passion and are you ready to feel the power food has to unleash your desire?"


From: The Raw Bombshellme



Dear Friend

Ok, someone just had to do it - combine raw food and sex! And that person is yours truly, The Raw Bombshell. Why? Because it combines the 2 areas of my life that I'm passionate about and I would like you to come and join in the fun.

You see, I just can't help myself, raw food just makes you feel so damn sexy! All that excess yuk your body holds onto just disappears leaving in place a body that's hot!

Have you begun to notice that?

No? junk

How about thinking about this scenerio: When you eat a take-away laden with stodge, grease and unknown ingredients - how do actually feel once you've finished? Now, I'm sure there is a general feeling of satiation and contentment, you know a full belly and a flavourful of food in your mouth but... does it make you wanna make out or flake out?


In contrast, a meal which is light, fresh and ALIVE well what can I say...

manit makes you feel light, fresh and ALIVE and boy it sure does wonders for your sexuality.

Have you noticed?

Do you feel the passion flowing through you, the energy pulsating, the excitement as you begin to connect with your inner bombshell?

Have you felt it?


If not, would you like to feel it?

What am I wittering on about?! I have a very naughty nature and its often highlighted by raw food, I just love to be a little bit wicked.

So I thought to myself "mmmm, as raw food makes me feel so sexy and hot... why not combine that with my other passions of fun, frivolity, flirting, sensuality, romance and see why raw food has such an effect"



Which resulted in me devising a new programme based around food and well sex! You know, sensuality, romance, passion.... but they all lead to one thing and that's for you to have a great night with your lover indulging every sense.

I've thought about the best way to do this and it came to me that this is going to be a frivioulous raw food escapade looking at food aprodisiacs, why raw food enhances your mood, ideas to get you flirting, living with anticipation, getting sensual, beautiful and prepared for your lover. Plus using your senses to set the mood.

Oooh it all appeals to my love of food, mood and sensuality.

Let me reveal to you, for the first time,
The Raw Passion Programme...

This is a journey to get you primed and ready for a night of raw passion, a night to blow your mind.

Sounds good, doesn't it?

  • Close your eyes and feel the tenderness of your lover
  • Imagine the excitement in your touch

  • Feel the awareness of your body

  • And boy, you're so damn sexy!

The Raw Passion Programme will take you there.

This is a 3 day programme that will guide you step by step to a night of explosive passion. A night where you're enjoying the arousal of your senses.

And it starts with food.

Food is the best way to elevate you to a sustained high and well-being that just makes you so unbelievable sexy. Yep food really has that power over you. I'm going to show you how with The Raw Passion Programme.

What do you get when you sign up today for this unique, never seen before programme?

    • The effect raw food has on your mood and how you can utilise that to elevate your desire

    • The importance of raw food as aphrodisiacs and why you should use them to your advantage

    • A proven strategy of how to get into state for anticipation of a night of passion

    • Why primping and preening yourself is essential to your night of loving

    • The most effective way to set the scene for your special night

Resulting in an explosive night where you and your lover connect, explore and enjoy the passion of each other. A night of raw passion, to heighten your emotions, your touch, your senstitivities, your excitement your pleasure.

But I'm single! Can I still partake in this? Hell yeah! Learn the tricks and go out and seduce a man/woman!

What do you get when you sign up today?

Over the next 3 days you will recieve an audio in the form of a 30 minute mp3 to listen to and a workbook to fill out as you listen.

These audios cover 3 distinct aspects that make this programme such fun.

raw passion coverDay 1: It's time to Build Anticipation....

Firstly you have to get in the mood, you have to build anticipation. You're going to do this by a tried and tested means and it really will start to get you focused on what you love about you and what you love about your lover.

Secondly you will get into state by concentrating on what it is you love to give and recieve.

Thirdly choose your method of delivery - how to let your lover know what's on your mind!

And lastly learn to take a stock-take of what you're going to do to primp and preen to look great for your night of raw passion.

Day 2: Let's look at the food...

This audio is going to delve into the reason why raw food is great for uplifting your mood.

Learn the background to why certain foods have been considered aphrodisiacs and a brief look at the history.

Then I share with you my 3 favourite most potent and loved aphrodisiacs and I'll share one here - one of them is chocolate. Find out why you should eat more chocolate to feel horny and happy!

Day 3: Let's talk about setting the scene!

Finally we turn to the night itself and how to set the scene for passion.

Using your 5 senses, you will be guided to use your imagination as to how to utilise each and every one of them to illicit desire in you and your partner.

This audio also talks through why it's so important to make use of each sense.

The end result? You will have a blueprint of what you need and what turns you on for your night of raw passion. This is unique to you and the only boundary is your mind...


"Oooh this was such fun... Claire's hypnotic voice on the audio and her bubbly excitement was so catching. I used the techniques for setting the scene and the room was so beautiful, sensual and hot... My boyfriend loved the effect" Anne, Berkshire

"I loved this programme. It made me stop and take some time for me, something I so often forget to do. I think that one step was worth the cost of this programme" Jackie, Florida

"The excitement both of us felt for those 3 days was intense. Thank you for injecting a spark in such a fun way. Kerry, Glasgow


Why listen to me? Well obviously you don't have to! But I've years of experience of elevating my mind for pleasure, a wealth of knowledge as a raw food educator, I've performed as a go-go dancer learning a trick or two, a stint as a burlesque dancer applying the art of seduction and working as a web-mistress for Europes Premier Domme certainly eductated me in the finer application of sensuality! I also have a PhD in Biochemistry, so I really understand the pathways activated by food.

Why 3 days? You may be wondering, I don't have 3 days to devote to this. I'm busy! Well, I ask you "Are you really too busy to care for yourself and your lover?" And what's 3 days out of your life to feel fantastic and show you care.

Now you may be wondering - how much is this all going to cost? I could easily charge you £120 for this information (my hourly rate is £100 and you get a whole 90 minutes of my expertise) but you know what I'm not going to. I have this desire to share love and romance, you see I'm a romantic!

"OMG - I did this and my partner just didn't know what was happening to him! I applied the suggestions in day 1 and he came home from work and literally pulled me into the bedroom. OK I know I was meant to wait lol but it still all built up to a great night of raw passion. Thank you" Happy, New York City

"Romance and sex and food, yep a great combination" . Bob, London

"I'm not sure I can look at food in the same way again! It was fascinating to learn the reasons some foods are regarded as aphrodisiacs" Sandra, Belgium

And that's not all, I'm going to throw in this bonus:

chopsticksA beautiful 3 course Raw Passion Menu- a meal to leave your taste buds dancing with joy and you full of energy, passion and love.

Rose Sorbet


Hot n Spicy Chilli Beet Wraps
with Cheeky Dips...


Decadant Chocolate Indulgence

What are you waiting for? Grab this offer now - descive people make great lovers!

Remember what you're getting - 3 days of information to get you ready for a night of Raw Passion:

  • You'll feel the thrill of anticipation
  • You'll discover why raw food enhances your mood ready to embrace love
  • You'll unearth the secrets of aphrodisiacs
  • You're going to radiate sex appeal
  • You'll be ready to set your night on fire with romance and passion You'll feel the thrill of anticipation

So what is this programme going to cost me?

I'm going to drop the price right down to an unbelivable £27, yes that's right only £27. Am I crazy? Well probably yes! But you know what, this is my gift to you.

buy now

You will be directed to my safe and secure payment page.

"I really enjoyed the raw passion course! Such a fun, light-hearted delicious idea of yours." . Holly, Sussex

"Thanks Claire, the programme was great and the meal gorgeous " Jo, Belfast

Is your lover worth it? Are you worth it? Order Raw Passion today and feel the raw energy flow through you...

With much love and raw passion

The Raw Bombshell...


Dr Claire Maguire

PS Life is too short not to have fun, embrace the love and feel the passion. Go out and play with your lover. Remember you're having a 3 day programme delivered to your inbox to show you which foods elevate your mood, which foods make the best aphrodisiacs, the art of flirtation, getting yourself looking great, the importance of setting a scene.

PPS Sex sells doesn't it??!! It's time to feel the sensuality running through your blood, yeah. Have some fun (it's cheaper than a night out)

bu now


Come and play...




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