“Discover the 5 Action Calls YOU Should Take to Give You All the Confidence You Desire”

"If you've been looking for a way to walk the earth with purpose, confidence and happiness then you have to apply the quick, easy and fun action calls outlined in Raw Body Confidence"


From: Claire Maguire, The Raw Bombshellbombshell


Dear Friend

* Are you looking for a way to love your body?
* To embrace a transformation?
* To get confident with yourself once and for all?


You're ready for RAW BODY CONFIDENCE.

To accept into your life more radiance, the raw glow, a freedom from negativity, a load of fun and to love your unique bombshell attitude.

Let me share some of my story with you to illustrate the power raw body confidence had to me.

You see before I went "raw" I struggled to be confident with my body. I projected confidence but I often couldn't claim it as true, so even though there were times when I thought "yeah, I love my body, I look good" I felt despair inside or I thought "I'm happy, positive, in a good place" yet my body let me down.

Yes, many people don't believe I was a good 28lb heavier than I am now! I've also had baby weight to loose, stretch marks to contend with and a loss of identity BUT all the time I just knew there was something inside of me but I just didn't or couldn't or wouldn't access her. It left me fustrasted and in honesty angry.

Then I discovered raw food and it was like a lightbulb going off in my head! It was my a-ha moment!

As the power and energy of live food started to work its magic in me I began to transform myself into the person I'd been dying to take hold of all those years.

The weight fell off, the stretch marks disappeared and I found my purpose and happiness.

I'll let you in on a little secret though.... I wasn't 100% raw to feel this effect. Find out in raw body confidence how you can find your happy level.

As I took hold of this powerful new energy in me, it awakened other aspects of me that needed to be addressed or else the energy had no where to go. This is not a good thing as energy needs movement and to flow. I discovered an important element that had to be confronted in order for me to fully embrace my inner being or as I like to call it my raw bombshell attitude. I had to learn to let go...

I share all of this in the 5 steps or as I like to say 5 life empowering calls to action for raw body confidence.

Let's implement raw body confidence in you

For you to start embracing who you are and get confidence with your body, both inner and outer.

That's learning to love yourself internally as confidence is an attitude and externally to learn to eat well for radiance, it's to strengthen your inner core, it's about finding your style.

A Grand Design - Your Masterpiece

I thought about how I'd done this and the method I'd used and it broke down into 5 distinct steps that I took. As I thought about these steps, it came to me that I was building a new me, a grand design and as I love analogies it was as if I was building a new architectural masterpiece.

You can see this quirkly illustrated as a cartoon me building my grand design, in raw body confidence.

This simple, easy to follow, quirkly illustrated, for maximum impact, workbook presents to you 5 action calls, presented step-by-step, for raw body confidence, which are:


1. The Foundations: Identifies Where You're At Now

  • What this means in relation to you getting Raw Body Confidence
  • How to apply this to setting identifiable goals and targets
  • Ideas as to how you can realise your foundational starting point.

2. The Framework: Introduce Raw Food for Raw Radiance

  • Reasons why you should do this
  • How this allows your body confidence to shine through
  • An easy way for you to decide on your raw intake

3. Strenghening: Get the Strength into Your Body

  • Why this is so important
  • How to incorporate this into your daily life
  • Learn my favourity activity for Raw Body Confidence

4. The Crowning: It's Time to Grab the Mind of a Bombshell

  • What this is and how to apply it to you
  • The reasons why this is important
  • How you can feel great emotionally allowing your natural confidence to shine through

5. The Decoration: The Fun Part - It's Time to Love You

  • What is your message to the world
  • How to represent this
  • Learn what is a reflection of you

Once you've worked the magic outlined in these action calls above you'll be full of Raw Body Confidence

What do you get?

rbc coverA downloadable 18-page eWorkbook with the background to each step and the action call you need to implement to guide you to raw body confidence.

PLUS a 30 minute downloadable mp3 audio which explains in full each action call with ideas and suggestions for you to apply these steps quickly and easily.

PLUS a bonus recipe - this is one of my best loved easy to make meals - Red Packin' Courgetatelli.

All available for the magical price of:

paybuy now

Don't wait order Raw Body Confidence today and it will be delivered immediately to you, no delay.

With much love and fun

Claire Maguire, The Raw Bombshell

PS You will love how simple I've made it for you to bring raw body confidence into your life. Now is the time for you to take the plunge and start to live with all you desire.

PPS Order now your copy of Raw Body Confidence and bring a smile to the world.







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