Raw Bombshell Cards £5.99

Think Angel cards with attitude!

I personally, have always loved angel cards, tarot cards in fact any cards that I get to pick which has a message on for me. There is just something so juicy and exciting about the words that I read. It makes me take a moment and stop and in that time re-think an idea with a new outlook. Because of this love of mine for these kind of cards, I thought it would be kinda fun to create my own based around my 5 Raw Bombshells.

Each card, and there are 50 of them, has a unique saying on them based around beauty, food, soul, life and body. You can through the use of them then incorporate the wisom into your life. It is fun, inspirational and a joy to do. I guarantee these beauties will bring a smile to your face.

To keep the costs right down and as I have grown up in the alternative DIY culture, I thought instead of making the cards, boxing them up and so on, that you can just print off the cards and in good old fashioned DIY style make your own! Therefore, this product is digital - when you purchase them you receive a eBook and the cards to print.

I have used these very cards, in workshops and everyone has just loved them so it is my intention that you will love them to. They are very special to me.

To connect fully with your Raw Bombshell is magical, enchanting and down right sensual.

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The Playful Raw Bombshells Recipe eBook £7.99

I really really love to make food, it is a passion of mine and I get great pleasure out of it. I find raw food particularly fun to make. I approach it in a playful manner!

With that in mind I created these 30 recipes to cover breakfast, lunch and dinner. For sure they are fun recipes but more imporantly they are easy and extremely enjoyable. For I know none of us really wants to slave for hours in the kitchen.

Some of the recipes you will get to enjoy:

Dreamy Porridge; Fruit Platter with a Toffee Inspired Sauce; Moreish Mushrooms for a Lazy Sunday; Pineapple with Chocolate Creme; Bloody Hell Mary; Nori Wicked Wraps; Evocative Spiced Bites; Jumpin' Beans; Tomato and Basil Soup; Bloomin Marvelous Broccoli; Chinese Style Cauliflower Rice; Thai Influenced Pad Thai; Sweet n Sour Greens with Squash Spirals; Pesto Stuffed Mushrooms; Ice-Kreme Sundae... plus more.

I have also included a glossary for those hard to get ingredients.

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5 Calls to Action for Raw Body Confidence £8.99

This easy to follow, fun approach to body confidence is going to let you bring that raw radiant glow into your life. But that's only one part of confidence - yes it might start with what you eat but you will have to get that inner core of yours strengthened, you have to learn to let go and you have to appreciate your style.

This workbook and audio will happily and easily take you there so you can discover your raw body confidence and to love your bombshell mind.

Using the analogy of building a grand design this book walks you through 5 steps you should take, to give you the body you dream of, to become a vision of health and happiness.

Read more about raw body confidence eWorkbook.

PLUS BONUS Audio mp3 30 minute talk explaining how you can benefit the most from applying these steps into your life.

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Raw Passion Program £27.00

"Feel the Power Raw Food Has to Unleash Your Desire"

Introducing this fun and light-hearted programme - Raw Passion - to get you all fired up and sexy for a night of romance, desire and passion.

If you've ever thought about how food and mood can ignite feelings of pure excitement in you, then you'll love this programme. It's been designed to take you on a journey out of your everyday life and to concentrate on love - that's loving you and your lover (don't worry if you don't have one, this programme will give you the idea of how to get one!!).

The content is delivered over 3 days in the form of audio (that's 3x30 minute mp3s) and 3 eworkbooks to fill in as you listen to the audio, delivered direct to your inbox. You will then have an action plan for you to create your night of RAW PASSION. Read more...

PLUS BONUS 3 course raw meal recipes for your night of raw passion, using foods with aphrodisiacal properties. A sure winner to get your night ready for a night of magic and passion.

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