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As a life-long devotee, over some 60 years or more, of cooking and eating cooked meals, I was somewhat taken aback recently to discover the concept of eating 'raw'. It happened when, for a few days, I found myself in the company of Dr. Claire Maguire who, I quickly discovered, is a not just an advocate of the idea but a passionate devotee.

Over those few days, Dr. Maguire created meals for me from her wide range of recipes that, in the past, I might so often have laughed off as 'rabbit food', but from the first taste, I was really surprised at the flavours that she created from basic simple, natural materials. Over those few days, my eyes were truly opened as my taste buds were treated to such a wide range of amazing and delicious flavours and textures that I wondered why I had never come across this concept of eating before - and the healthy benefits didn't escape this ageing 'food luddite' either!

I had stumbled into a new world of eating. I had no idea that such flavours in food were available or that such delicious variety was possible. Dr. Maguire's raw food showed me both - a truly exciting experience..

If you are becoming bored with the same old flavours in your food and would like to try something more, I heartily recommend you step through the looking-glass and dip your taste buds into Dr Maguire's world of raw. I promise, you'll never be the same again!

Jonathan Grover


"It is time to have a deep love affair and fall passionately in love... with your food"

If the thought of knowing where to start with making raw food work for you fills you with an underlying dread then fear no more. The Raw Bombshell is here to explain exactly how you can adore your food using the unique and fabulous 5 Raw Bombshell Model

Welcome to my kitchen!

The kitchen is the heart of the home and whether we like it or not the fact is, it is a place we have to visit pretty regularly as food is the essence of our lives.  I know many people struggle with what to make and can find it a chore.  I do, in many ways understand.  Growing up in my twenties, I loved making food and developed a deep love affair with creating new and delicious recipes. I adored cooking and received great pleasure when I saw the contented look on peoples faces after I had fed them.  Then family life occurred.  Somewhere along the way what with running around after 2 small children and a husband, the joy of food lost me in the never ending cycle of putting food on to the table.  I’m sure I was in the position many of you are getting into with food preparation - frustrated and thinking this is not FUN.

Then one magical day I stumbled headlong into the bright lights of raw food. 

I cannot fully explain just how enchanting this was.  It gripped me deep inside and pulled me magnetically towards a world of discovery, new flavours, new textures, new ingredients, new ways of doing things, new ideas, in fact new everything!

I fell in love with raw food, making it, creating recipes and feeding people all over again.  This excitement of falling in love is what I’m here to convey to you to ensure you shift the paradigm you hold around your food.  To instil deep within you that magical enchanted quality that I discovered in raw food. 

Over time, I have refined and developed my approach as to how to make raw food easy yet luxurious, for you to get to grips with it. 

One of the best and really the most fun ways is to adapt the attitude contained within the 5 Raw Bombshells Model.  This takes the attitude of the 5 Raw Bombshells and uses an aspect of their approach to life to make you see how easy it is to implement a lasting approach to your raw food diet.

Food by its very nature is sensuous; it evokes our indulgence of the senses for the sake of aesthetic pleasure. We take delight in the colour, texture, smell, taste even the sound of what we eat. Food puts us in a state of longing, desire or conversely repulsion and disgust. Food is an incredibly formidable entity to our emotions and level of lust for life. It has the power to evoke a strong primal urge within us, one which more often than not, we cannot desist... read more

To get a taste of some of the delicious food I prepare then go to my recipe page for 5 quick and easy recipes that you can introduce into your repertoire straight away.

Spicy Oh La La Tomatoes

Loaded Mushrooms

Sinful Sorbet


If you are looking for more raw food inspiration then I suggest you take a moment to read through my free report "Staying With Raw" which provides you with 9 handy tips plus 9 easy and delicious recipes to help you stay raw. Download report.


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