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“Since working with Claire, I’ve been inspired to take action on dreams that had long been dormant inside of me. Claire has given me the confidence to allow those dreams to become a reality - I signed up with an acting agency and getting parts. I’ve learnt so much with regards to my relationship with food and the emotions that I tie up with my eating, Claire has helped me to look at my eating habits differently, something I’m truly grateful for. I’ve loved working with Claire, her manner is soft, focused and direct"

Tatiana Bell, London







"Transformation, a re-invention, to reveal the sensational woman you are is a beautiful aspect of being a Raw Bombshell"

Finding your inner persona and revealing her to the world is truly a remarkable and a courageous path to follow.  So many people would rather just walk the earth as they are, or complaining about the state they are in yet doing very little to grasp a hold of their inner light and bring it out.  Perhaps through fear, or a sense of not knowing how, or a lack of faith of their own self worth and of course the effort involved can appear too much in our busy lives. 

For sure, it takes discipline and commitment to evoke a transformation, to reveal yourself as the woman you have always dreamed of being, which is not the easiest of things to apply to oneself.  Believe me, I know! I have spent many a year avoiding responsibility and routine and yet having them foistered upon me, such is life, it never stays still.  It is hard to keep a hold of the fun, kooky little girl within and grow up to be a strong, sexy, confident woman.  But to keep living as the little girl actually leads to a level of deep dissatisfaction with life.  There has to be a gracious way to step into the next stage of life and not let go of the child within or turning into an old frumpy woman.  How long can you straddle no-mans land?

Do we want to cling so badly to the way we have always been?  Yet feeling lost as if we have disappeared and no longer of notice to the world?

This is the time to question yourself and your desires.  Find out what it is that you so deeply want.  To accept that you are entering the best time of your life, if you allow it to happen.  For we can create our own reality, if we give ourselves the time to dream it.  To then live it can take a sense of self-discipline that is hard to engage within us. 

This is why after much studying, exploration and experience, I have developed the 5 Raw Bombshell Model to guide you along the way of transforming yourself into your very own Raw Bombshell.  I use them in all aspects of helping you go and stay as your Raw Bombshell by looking at your food, self-love, style, sensuality, creativity and your ultimate statement to yourself and the world around you.

The beauty of this model is being able to use the words of wisdom through another persons mind.  This allows you to be able to focus more upon yourself as you are not questioning your judgement, which can result in you, going round in circles. 

It is hard to keep going when you are undergoing such a transformation. 

Are you doing the right thing?  Can I maintain this?  But the thing is once you have started down this path, once you have started to feel the changes within you and to see the outward effects, you know that there is no way but to move forward  as once you have taken yourself out of the box, it is very difficult to put yourself back in.  Why would you want to?

As I see it there is the problem with a personal transformation – of having the strength within you to implement the change, the will to keep on going when people comment about your re-invention for I have seen over and over how quick people are to jump upon you when you change, forever wanting to remind you of what you were like or how you used to be, of tempting you with food that perhaps you just ever so slightly are just not interested in. For to me, your change can have a much bigger ripple effect as it makes people without wanting to confront their lives.  With all this going on it can be easy to stop.  And yet… you know that you can’t, the transformation that you can see is too great and too wonderful. 

To connect fully with your Raw Bombshell is magical, enchanting and down right sensual.  This is where it pays to have a guide by your side, someone that has walked the road before you, to ensure you keep the focus on the bright lights ahead and keeps you from slinking back into the dark shadows. Everyone benefits from being held to their higher self, of someone on your side who accepts no excuses and provides the motivation to keep going. I invite you to take the words of wisdom from all that I have learnt.

In using the experience contained within The Raw Bombshell repertoire you know that you have someone that has done the hard work for you leaving you to fast track your way to abundant, decadent beautiful success.  You get to be you, the woman you have always dreamed of being with ease and grace. 

Plus I ensure it is a whole heap of fun as where is the joy in life if it is not accompanied by laughter and pleasure?

Schedule your complimentary appointment today to discuss a transformational raw bombshell experience especially for you. Just click on the link below to be taken to my online diary, to find the most convenient time for you. You will be given all details once your booking has been made.

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"She took us on a magical and exciting journey of discovery to meet our raw bombshells using, among other things, a powerful process of guided visualisation.... This technique was so empowering and inspiring to me that my bombshell almost burst out of me"
Katie Foster, Cambridge, UK


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