"Are You Ready to Embrace Your Fabulousness?
And Create a Sensational Body Worthy of a
Gorgeous Little Black Dress
Which Makes You Feel a Million Dollars, Encapsulates Your Lifestyle, and Launches Your Very Own Dreams Into Reality."



Grab this exclusive, home study course and reach out to your desires to embrace your fabulousness and dramatically increase your ability to be, do and have what you deserve.

To: You, the beautiful sexy bombshell I love.
From: The Raw Bombshell Coach, Dr Claire Maguire


Dear Friend,

Re: Are you really happy with the way you look, how you feel and your behaviour around your food choices?

Or are you busily making excuses around why you are as you are?


I, Dr Claire Maguire, have spent a lot of time and a lot of money researching just what makes us woman tick.  And what I have found is we surround ourselves with a layer of excuses.  We polish over them.  Yet they are over and over the same excuses. 

To validate our fear.  The fear of our own brilliance. By using these excuses we give ourselves permission to break the promise to ourselves and to keep ourselves from being the woman we have always dreamed of being.  Do you use these excuses too?

Why not get YOUR desires into alignment?

Well now has never been a better time to start to see these excuses for what they really are, a load of blockages to your fabulousness.  As we advance full swing into the energy of 2011, last year fades into a distant memory and all that you didn't achieve can just be left behind as you let go. It is time to embody all that we desire. 


Grabbing that authentic version of you (that's your RAW BOMBSHELL BABE),
giving her a shake and living as her enabling you to shine your light in the world.
sparkle Having a unique and inspiring vision for yourself that makes you feel amazingly alive and ready to jump into action to make every decision in alignment with the highest most fabulous version of you. Can you feel that excitement?
sparkle Having established supporting daily, weekly and monthy rituals in place that nourish, nurture and enrich you.
sparkle Eating mouth-watering divine food that serves you and sculpts your body into the delicious, sexy, hot bombshell you really are.
sparkle Re-writing the story you tell so you can truely sparkle and show case all your natural, fabulous talents. It is time to put you right into the spotlight of your life and love it.
sparkle Understanding the image you make to the world is a pure statement of your internal beauty and creating a capsule wardrobe that reflects the real you. It is time to bring out that courage in you to dress in a way that shows off your beautiful body.
sparkle Having confidence in your apperance and oozing sensuality that puts
you firmly in the power of your own femininity.
sparkle Being sassy, outrageous and HOT...


It is now time to redress the balance in your life as I invite you to indulge yourself, to celebrate your greatness and to make this a reality...



With The Raw Bombshell Experience
Home Study Course

"Embrace Your Fabulousness"

All information is instantly downloadable for you to work through at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home.


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This fabulous course of 6 wildly wonderful modules will cheer you along, hold your hand and pull no punches so you are happy to look sensational, to be confident in your abilites and to just be the beautiful unique soul you are.

Are you ready to obliterate the excuses and step out in style, capture your femininity and sparkle with sensuality?



“Women want to... embrace their inner bombshell, have fun with dressing up and feeling their own confidence and sexual power.  A different version of sexy.  Anyone can create glamour”
Dita Von Tease



What is a Raw Bombshell Experience?

It is a gift to you, to connect your beauty, to your soul, through food, lifestyle and a sassy attitude.  An experience for you to feel the essence that makes you a raw bombshell: a woman capable of achieving a life of pleasure, exhilaration and fun. On her terms.



Focused on her femininity to gain a deep connection with her fabulous self

"Before working with Claire I was excited but unsure as to what to expect. I was however, looking forward to time that was focused on getting in touch with my own femininity. Through the tools that Claire provided I gained a deeper connection to my own inner raw bombshell. I loved that Claire had given me something tangible to work with - a vision board and a promise to myself to actioneer all that I had learnt. The concept of The Raw Bombshell Experience and her 5 Raw Bombshell Model is excellent and gave me the opportunity to share thoughts and ideas...definately recommended."
Rebecca Kane, www.ShineOnRaw.com



So by now, I’m sure you are a wondering just what these excuses are that keep you trapped in the cycle of self-sabotage

Take a moment, breathe deeply and see whether any a-ha moments spring to mind for you.


b“I’m way to busy.  I have so much to do.  The list goes on and on of the expectations of me.   There is no time in the day to dedicate to me”

Time!  It is one of the biggest challenges we face.  There is always so much to do.  Running around after children, ageing parents, spouses, house-work, careers and so on.  I’m sure you get the picture. 

But, what I have noticed is within this list is the lack of putting our own needs at the top.  Somehow everyone else gets a slice of your time except you.  How do you resolve it? What can you do to place the emphasis of your life onto the discovery of your needs and ensure you do something about it?


“It is selfish of me to put my needs first.  And so narcissistic to care about my self-love rituals.  Manicures, pedicures, massages… they are just for people with nothing to do.”

Self-love, self-care.  Something that is so easy to put on the back burner.  To relegate this as superficial narcissism.

Yet this is everything to do with our wellbeing, for to neglect our external appearance mirrors a neglect of our emotional world. What would it take to nurture you?  To take pleasure in defining and enhancing your precious body?


a“To get my body in shape, to lose weight, is boring and consists of eating rabbit food.  It is dull, unadventurous and means I have no social life.”

Common misconception.  Bought about by the many fad diets so many of us of have ventured into before. Bland shakes, counting calories, denial.  For sure, that is not fun. A fear arises at any social gathering as what can you eat? 

This is no way to live.  It doesn’t have to be this way.  Would you not love a way to eat beautiful food and get the body of your dreams? To open you up to an amazing clarity of mind, give you a buzz and a social life?  How would that affect your attitude to food?


a“I don’t have the confidence to show-case my look.  Beauty is all about being shallow anyway.  I have more worthy things to do with my life.”

You know, I was caught in that trap. And yet. I looked at other woman and how they had the grace and elegance to pull off any look. 

So why was I putting up with such low expectations of myself?  It boils down to the story you tell yourself and what you think you deserve.  What would happen to you if you changed that story and blew the lid on what you are entitled to?


a“But if I were to look amazing I would attract the wrong attention. I couldn’t deal with unwanted advances towards me.  I don’t know what to say in such a situation.”

We hide ourselves away and pretend we are not sensual sexy women.  Such a waste.  It hides a lack of our ability to be wildly in love with our life.  For a compliment is meant to be accepted, it is given with no intent.  A wink, a smile, an appreciation of you is an honour. 

Be bold.  What is the worst thing that could happen to you if you stood in the presence of your own being?  And would that really occur?  To be amazing is to anchor your poise, grace and how would it honestly feel to radiate a sizzling glow of well-being?


a“I’d look like mutton dressed as lamb if I were to dress up.  I don’t know what to wear to make me look good.  My style is not important.”

We are never too old to wear what makes us feel good.  And to dress up, to be glamorous shows approval of you.  It is fun.  Anyone can do it. 

To show off your curves, to flatter your body, to accentuate your best feature.  Can you imagine the joy of looking great?  To see your reflection staring back at you with attitude and sass, what would that do to your self-esteem? 


You will receive over 6 hours of teaching, 6 beautifully insightful booklets with in-depth assignments and fun activities.

No excuses then girls… it’s your time. You will be provided you with all you need to take a stride into embracing your Raw Bombshell fabulousness and being the woman of your dreams. 

This content rich course is drawn from my personal experience of working with world-class coaches, the music industry, the adult entertainment industry, my years in academia and from living my unique life. In doing so developing my lovable and wise 5 Raw Bombshell Model which is there to guide you along the journey contained within this Embrace Your Fabulousness Home Study Course. You will discover just how to create a body that makes you happy.

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Has taken action on the need for time to be a confident hot feminine woman

"I felt I needed a boost in motivation to get back into my raw foods, to start doing things for me and embrace the feminine woman inside of me. Claire delived inspiration, motivation, fun, some me time and connection. I loved it. Especially the vision of me looking hot and confident. That has triggered a certainity in me that I am ready to have fun and me time. The babysitter is regularly booked and I'm out on girls nights and dates. The activites I did with Claire made me very aware that I am not just a business owner and a mum but a woman with a need to embrace her feminine side and her needs. Just the tonic I needed. Brilliant. "
Tracy Mason, www.expertpublicspeaking.com


Here’s what you’ll learn as you complete
The Raw Bombshell Experience Home Study Course


Experience 1: It’s All About You

Module 1 - Explore Your Vision
Module 2 - Exquisite Self Love

Covered within the first two classes you will explore your needs and desires using the power of The Goddess Bombshell. 

**From this wisdom we can connect to your vision, you create that vision in a variety of media

** You will carve out the opportunity of precious time for you. 

**You will learn to say no with confidence and feel the freedom that little word will give you. 

**This experience gives you permission to put yourself first. 

**You will go for what it is that you truly want and not what you think you should want.   

**You will create effective self-care rituals that support and nurture you.

Plus: Understand how to use natural products from the kitchen to enhance your beauty. 


Experience 2: Who Am I Being?

Module 3 - Energetic Playfulness
Module 4 - Expect Beauty

Once you know where you are going with desires, its time to get down and dirty with the internal details of your Raw Bombshell vision using the energy from the Playful Bombshell and the imagination from the Creative Bombshell

**You’ll create a mouth-watering eating plan that serves your needs based around natural and organic foods. 

**This experience will redefine what pleasure in food is to you. 

**We will evoke the senses and appreciate food in an entirely new way.  This is fun. 

**You will discover how to find the right attitude to show case your beauty. 

**To understand what you think about comes about.  And to create that confidence in you by re-writing the story you tell yourself. 

Plus: You will create a signiture dish that represents you.



Experience 3: Wow! Look At Me

Module 5 - Evocative Sensuality
Module 6
- Exhilarating Glamour

In the final two classes, you’re going to implement the external representation of your Raw Bombshell with the sexuality of the Sensual Bombshell and the style of the Glamorous Bombshell

**Starting with the actual task of giving compliments so you can receive compliments graciously, you are going to grab attention. 

**To guide you we will discuss clothes to flatter and accentuate your body, to reflect who you are. 

**You will discover the sensuality in all that is around you. 

**This gets you ready to flaunt, flirt and be provocative, giving you the ability to deal with all attention.  

**To remember that you do make a statement to the world, so project the image you want.

Plus: You design your ideal wardrobe with key statement pieces.



Plus pick up these extra bonuses when you register for The Embrace Your Fabulousness Raw Bombshell Experience Home Study Course.

The Playful Bombshells Guide to Making Raw Food Fun, Easy and Enjoyable – 30 Delicious, Gorgeous Divinely Good for You Recipes covering Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner and an elegant and luxurious seductive dinner party menu with recipes. 

Motivational videos to inspire and encourage you. 

Your success journals which hold you accountable to your dreams and turning them into reality.

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Can hold herself with a sassy regard to be confident, open and warm

"I called upon my Inner Raw Bombshell yesterday and it was awesome!

So, my friend who I was having trouble with when I went raw before has come back into town. Spur of the moment, we decided to catch up. I was all sweaty and in my training clothes and I thought, who cares! I'm fabulous and sassy and you know what? I was!

I was confident and warm and open and flirty and funny and we had a fabulous time. I feel confident enough to not give away my power. I feel totally fine about saying, 'yep, I'm fabulous. you know it.'  I think it's what got me into trouble in the first place! But this time I kind of feel more aware of it and it's a bloody good feeling. 

I was a bit surprised that I could hold myself with such sassy regard, but I did and it came pretty easily. 

And it was all from your help! Thanks so much!"

Susan Whitby, Fitness Instructor, Australia



You have my word that this course is going to be FUN...

As Soon As You Order You Also Get Bonus Pre-Course Assignments:

A powerful grounding exercise for you to do straight away which gets you clear on exactly where you are presently at with your life and diet choices.
Plus a beautiful guided visualisation for you to see the vision of your fabulous self. This allows you to get comfortable with your vision of what you are going to achieve.


My Personal Make You Happy Guarantee

I wish to ensure that this Raw Bombshell Experience is going to work for you. So if you’re not 100% happy, thrilled and excited to be implementing this material into your life, then I’m not happy.

So if for any reason you do not get the results after you have implemented this material. Then I will refund you.

Only valid up to 28 days after purchase.

No reason needed.
And that’s my promise.


So tell me... are you ready to create your own Raw Bombshell and Embody the Woman you have been dreaming of?  Then click on the link below to get instant access to all the Embrace Your Fabulousness Home Study course material.



Has gained a sense of empowerment to embrace her fabulous self and bring her into her life.

"It's hard for me to put into words exactly how powerful the Raw Bombshell Experience was for me... I'm at at point in my life where I feel on the cusp of some major life changes, about to take a huge leap of faith, so having the opportunity to reflect on where I am today, and to explore my inner raw bombshell has come at the perfect time for me. Through Claire's powerful guided visualisation, and cleverly constructed activities which provided the perfect balance of fun, dance laughter and deep introspection, I have now met my inner raw bombshell and am empowered to embrace all she encompasses. I am ready to step out as her into the next phase of my life! Claire has an amazing talent, and shares her wealth of knowledge in a very down to earth and approachable way."
Lisa Simpson, www.rawliberty.co.uk



Yes! I’m ready to learn how to create a sensational body, embrace my fabulousness and embody the woman I have always dreamed off.

I understand with my investment, I’ll receive the following:

Complete 6-part telecourse “The Outrageous Yet Delectable Raw Bombshell Experience Home Study Course” with The Raw Bombshell, Dr Claire Maguire, using strategies, ideas, activities and fun to ensure I embody the woman I dream of being.


bThe course delivered for you to listen to at no extra cost through the internet. Each module teleseminar lasts around 50 minutes


nDownloadable workbooks to use with each call, guiding me towards my commitment to myself. These workbooks (6 in total) are packed with exercises and activities to bring the best out in me.


bMP3 recordings of every call



bBONUS 1: The Playful Bombshell's Guide to Making Raw Food Fun, Easy and Enjoyable – 30 Delicious Recipes covering Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner and an elegant and a luxurious seductive dinner party menu with recipes. 


bBONUS 2: Motivational videos to inspire and encourage you. 


bBONUS 3: Your success journal to hold you accountable to your dreams and turning them into reality.

I understand “The Raw Bombshell Home Study Course” comes with an iron-clad money back guarantee. My investment is risk free!

With all this I’m ready to learn all that Dr Claire Maguire can teach me.

Just click on the secure order link below so you can get instant access The Raw Bombshell Embrace Your Fabulousness Home Study Course right away!

How much is your investment?

This material is original, fun and can completely transform your outlook to life and your body plus give your diet a complete boost, so and you can use this material over and over, dig into the bits you need at any one time plus enjoy that treat that is that little luxury of giving you top priority.

All this for £97


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“Is there anything better ...when you know it is within reach.”
Greta Garbo



As Always,
Live your Desire


PS: Remember what you get when you invest in yourself? 6 action packed modules giving you the luxury of time dedicated to you. Each module you receive a teaching class with an integrative workbook that guides you forward with challenges, tips and implementation strategies for you to Embrace Your Fabulousness.

PPS: What is the final excuse we use to prevent us from chasing our dreams? MONEY. We fear we cannot afford to spend on ourselves. And yet money goes where we direct it to. For what we prioritise in our lives is what we find we can afford. So I ask you are you worth the investment?

PPPS: You get to to make the decision of this investment in yourself, to learn how to create a body you love and to encapsulate your lifestyle ready to launch your very own dreams into reaity, with NO RISK. Are you ready?

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