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"Prior to working with Claire, I felt I wasn't grasping what I really wanted out of life but just ticking along. I was also around a stone heavier than usual - not 'fat' but not where I wanted to be. Since our coaching sessions, life is very positive for me, much of which is a direct result of our coaching sessions. I qualified as a nutrition advisor for weight loss and for athletes, and am currently studying a module on what motivates people to change. And I'm about to start career coaching someone through the Prince's Trust for a 6 month period. I've also lost a stone in weight since we last spoke. So thank you again for all the great coaching you gave me."
Lucy, London









"Is now your time to play bigger, act bolder, be beautifully alive and sensually step with attitude into the next stage of your life?"

I provide Raw Bombshell Experiences especially for you based around my exquisite 5 Raw Bombshell Model.  An experience that explores the unique essence of women and all of her attributes.  An experience for you to discover, embody, embrace and live as your Raw Bombshell and in doing so take you to the next level in your life. You will find there is something to meet you at whatever level you are at from downloads, classes, workshops, programs, VIP days; to bespoke packages centred exclusively around you.

I take you on a journey an experience for you to become the woman you have always dreamed of being.  At times this is challenging at other times fun. The pace is always onwards, upward and forward.  I deliver 100%.  It is all about you! I’m here to uphold you to your dreams, desires and what you cherish dear to your soul.  The women that are drawn to work with The Raw Bombshell Experience are typically unique, wonderful and passionate individuals that are ready to pursue their desires.

I work only with your potential and hold you at all times to your higher self.  

We build an intimate and close relationship whilst we work together to deliver lasting results that ripple throughout all aspects of your life. Self-care and love are at the heart of all we do.

Are  you are ready for a ride like no other, to let go of what stops you, to use the power of natural food and to embrace challenges? Have you a deep commitment in your heart that now is your time?  Do you have a sense that you need to play a bigger part in the world and you are experiencing a feeling of transition? Are you looking to express the internal to the outside world in a fashion that enhances your fabulous qualities? To direct your raw energy into creative outlets personal to you? Then I encourage you to delve deep within to put yourself first and invest in you

If now is your time, I  invite you to take an initial complimentary Raw Bombshell Experience, held over the phone, so we can see how best to bring your Raw Bombshell out so you can start living as the Woman You Have Always Dreamed of Being.

Just click on the link below to be taken to my online diary, to find the most convenient time for you. You will be given all details once your booking has been made.

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My gift to you is the opportunity to create time for you and receive the wisdom from the woman you have always dreamed of being and reveal your Raw Bombshell, with a powerful and beautiful GUIDED VISUALISATION, COMPLETELY FREE TO YOU.


A downloadable journal with notes and prompts for you to record your Raw Bombshell Experience

"She took us on a magical and exciting journey of discovery to meet our raw bombshells using, among other things, a powerful process of guided visualisation.... This technique was so empowering and inspiring to me that my bombshell almost burst out of me"
Katie Foster, Cambridge, UK


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"I get your newsletter and I just wanted to pass on to you that I enjoy reading it.  I love that you are sending out newsletters - you are an inspiration.  And for me your newsletter is just right -- something to read - not all clicks -- but not too much, and more content available by clicking if I want but unlike some newsletters the content that comes in the email stands on it's own.  I know a lot of thought and time goes into getting these out regularly."
Laura Lowry, The Soul Spark Coach, USA  

And of course you will receive many mouth-watering original Raw Bombshell recipes for you to create.

"Great Recipe"
Karen Knowler, The Raw Food Coach about my Carrot Mango Salsa in a Sour and Spicy Dressing










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