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"The Raw Bombshell Experience was a truly amazing day! I went along a little bit skeptical and anxious as I have never been comfortable about visioning work, I need not have concerned myself. Claire has a very gentle and persuasive delivery and before I knew it I was immersed in the work we were doing and loving it. The Bombshell concept is unique, transformational and good fun! I believe every woman has an inner bombshell she want to introduce to the world. I found mine. Thank you."
Carole Prestedge, Holistic Massage Thearpist, UK









"I feel very strongly about discovering that unique essence within all of us and bringing it to life"

Dr Claire Maguire is founder of The Raw Bombshell, a company dedicated to showing women how to discover their identity and live their deepest desires through her unique step by step approach known as The Raw Bombshell Experience.

Claire, has always had a long standing love affair with the most decadent, luxurious food around and has now captured its playful energy to allow you to fall in love with eating in the most divine way for your body. This sets you free from body issues and allows you to sensually step out into the limelight of your own sweet success. Her philosophy being that you create beauty from the inside out, to re-kindle glamour and fun. To begin experiencing this for yourself, and create your own goddess bombshell legacy, look out for the next available class, workshop or course coming your way.

After obtaining a PhD in Medical Biochemistry and working as a senior researcher with some of the top universities, Claire left to explore her own path. This resulted in setting up and running a catering company, becoming a director of a successful independent record label, a web content manager for adult entertainment sites and working as a Samaritan helping people in crisis. Claire has spent her life flirting with frivolity and fun, on stage as a young actress, a burlesque dancer, a ski-instructor, a hill walker, a yoga enthusiast, a painter, a mother, a lover and consumer of life. With such a diverse background, Claire has found her life skills blend beautifully when coaching others to find their own unique life.

Claire has trained and worked with outstanding world-class coaches to learn extensively about raw food coaching, lifestyle, how the mind works and success. To her, learning never stops and she is always updating her knowledge and skill set to ensure her clients receive the best information available.

In a vibrant and compassionate manner Claire inspires her creme de la creme clients to experience deep transformation to capture their femininity and live a Raw Bombshell Life.


About The Raw Bombshell Coaching Practice

The Raw Bombshell is a private business set up to empower you as an individual to take hold of your dreams and your vision. Having developed a unique Raw Bombshell Experience process, using a novel 5 Raw Bombshell process to take clients on a journey to meet, embody, embrace and live as a Raw Bombshell.

This is a journey which allows you to fall in love with you, to be comfortable in your own body and to be a bold, passionate and sexy woman who can connect spritiually to all around them, to understand how to live their creativity and who has her boundaries and loves in place.

Using Raw Food, with the power and energy contained within it, as a catalyst to cause a reaction in you to live your unique life.

The Raw Bombshell is here to inflame courage and desire in you to be able to step out of the ordinary, to take control of your life and its outcomes.

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My gift to you is the opportunity to create time for you and receive the wisdom from the woman you have always dreamed of being and reveal your Raw Bombshell, with a powerful and beautiful GUIDED VISUALISATION, COMPLETELY FREE TO YOU.


A downloadable journal with notes and prompts for you to record your Raw Bombshell Experience

"She took us on a magical and exciting journey of discovery to meet our raw bombshells using, among other things, a powerful process of guided visualisation.... This technique was so empowering and inspiring to me that my bombshell almost burst out of me"
Katie Foster, Cambridge, UK


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Karen Knowler, The Raw Food Coach about my Carrot Mango Salsa in a Sour and Spicy Dressing










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